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The MERCATO was full of drama with the Icardi case. Oriali’s comeback, Conte as the manager, Lukaku the new number 9, the renewal of midfield with the so far amazing Stefano Sensi and Nicolo Barella, not to forget the french talent Agoume, the arrival of Lazzaro in one side and Biraghi in the other to be finalized, Godin and Bastoni in defense, and it is expected to arrive, Alexis Sanchez, and maybe another backup for Lukaku and if Joao Mario and Borja Valero leave another midfielder is coming.

The first match of the new Nerazzurri season started with the right foot. It was not difficult to predict a home success against Lecce, ahead of 65,000 fans. It made more sense to ask what kind of football he would play and the discontinuity, compared to the past, was seen in the positive aspects, as in those that must be settled.

Conte has planned a game made of aggression and no point of reference for the opponents, outside of Lukaku, on which to support long throws or passages in depth. Lecce, placed with a form like the 4-3-1-2, tried to annoy the Inter defense, Ranocchia therefore as a central defender, close to D’Ambrosio and Skriniar. The midfield, with particular reference to Brozovic, author of the first goal, and Sensi, second goal scorer, was the most inspired. Unwilling to sacrifice defense and restart, Liverani’s team tried to play openly in the first minutes, offering spaces and solutions that the Conte module already provided for.

Candreva confirmed that the inspiration seen in the pre-season was not passing and we saw him cross well, talk to his team-mates, recover balls and, in the end, score an amazing that he had already managed a few years ago. Impossible to hide the interest for every Lukaku touch, looked for by his companions, perfect fighter in the case of a clogged area and generous in cases of overlap of Lautaro Martinez, Candreva and Sensi. The new striker, in his first real game with Inter, showed a part of his repertoire, including the goal of robbery, while denoting a state of still improvable form. Beautiful exultation after which he went to look for the young Esposito who stuck to his neck, which was rare at Inter in the past years.

Sensi and Lukaku
Sensi and Lukaku scored in the debut

Overall, Inter, seen on stage at San Siro, played a more sparkling, extroverted, unpredictable and expressed some problems in the midfield hinge, when the inhabitants of Lecce often came in three against three near the Inter-area, sometimes entering with excessive ease. The Lecce goal has not arrived, Inter have won but this does not mean that Conte has not seen any obvious embarrassment, in a race that was also well done from an emotional point of view after 25 minutes. In Cagliari, Inter will have to play a different game and it will be interesting to see what kind of game Conte intends to implement, away and with space management that will necessarily be more complicated. Very good also the ball around, finally airier and with greater availability to the shooting by the midfielders who have a marker in less to contract them, considering that with the two strikers there are more spaces.

In the final Marotta closed the Icardi affair once and for all, despite the usual annoying and masochistic statements by Wanda Nara, who, continuing to externalize without a network, on television, damaged Icardi for the umpteenth and perhaps last time. Marotta has struck down every possibility of the player’s stay, or in any case of future employment, declaring: “For us a bit of annoyance for the time and for the way. And I absolutely deny that some Inter executives, and in particular Steven Zhang, have invited Icardi to stay. Our strategy is precise and we communicated it at the right time. We will go on until the end and nobody from Inter can distort this common line “. Strong words that even though Inter loses a really good striker, gets much more, gets what was missing in the past years and that is the managerial strategy, which in this case was consistent from the beginning. 

Internazionale Milano Football Club

A lapidary sentence and even clearer than the previous ones. Disarming as Icardi, he allowed his wife to handle this story in a way that is so narcissistic and incomprehensible, regardless of the strategy, if there is one, still mysterious today.

Today the only road remains Juventus or Napoli, otherwise, it will remain in the stands a year, definitively destroying its career. The situation that instead, in a different situation, would be judged differently because Icardi in this Inter would look great and the team would be stronger. Definitely stronger. This is to say how the two moral and technical issues go in two different directions. The beginning was shining.

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