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Conciliatory US president at the Biarritz summit: he also talks about an upcoming resumption of negotiations with the Ci9na. The Chinese chief negotiator, Liu He, in the morning assured that Beijing is ready “to calmly solve the problem through consultations and cooperation”

“Agreement on the importance of supporting global economic growth through fair and free trade, reduction of trade and regulatory barriers and reform of the World Trade Organization”. The White House said in a statement that Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, at the G7 in Biarritz, “also discussed economic issues in Europe, including a significant trade agreement between the US and the EU and the change in unfair trade practices of China ». Trump, says the communiqué, “is eager to visit Berlin at the invitation of the chancellor as soon as possible”. It is the confirmation of the new change of tone by the US president Donald Trump on the commercial dispute with China.

In a statement from Biarritz, where the G7 summit is being held on Sunday, Trump said the negotiations “will resume very soon” and commented on the conciliatory words pronounced in China by the chief negotiator of the Beijing government: “China la last night he said “let’s go back to the negotiations” and then we will start negotiating again very soon, “said Trump, who in the previous hours at the summit said he regretted not having imposed higher duties on Chinese exports to the US.

In the Asian morning the words of the chief Chinese negotiator, Liu He, were circulated, who said: “We are absolutely opposed to an exclalation of the trade war”, to then add “we are ready to calmly resolve the problem through consultations and cooperation ». 

The American president also intervened on the Iranian question, urged by the presence of Teheran’s Foreign Minister, Zarif, in Biarritz, Macron’s guest, explaining that it is still early for a meeting between the two delegations, but ensuring that he does not want a change regime in Iran. Openings to dialogue with the US also by the Iranian president Rohani: “If I knew I had a meeting with someone who could bring prosperity to my country and solve the problems of my people, I would not hesitate,” he said in a speech on live TV . On the ARR, there will be a joint statement by G7 leaders, said Trump, stating that among the leaders there was “total unity”.

News also on the Amazonia front: The G7 has released 20 million funds to send a fleet of tanker aircraft to put out fires in the Amazon forest. The announcement was made by French President Emmanuel Macron and his Chilean counterpart, present at a work section, Sebastian Pinera. The G7 also agreed on a medium-term amount of aid, in addition to the emergency, for reforestation of the area. An aid package, the latter, to be finalized at the UN General Assembly at the end of September. The environment was set by France, the current president, among the main topics of the G7 agenda of heads of state and government.

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