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Nowadays life is very dynamic, so to make everything clear and meaningful we should know how to communicate with others. Every creature in the world has their own way of communication. The best way to share emotions is also by communicating. Communication is everywhere, when we talk when we walk and whenever we managed to go. People think that courses such as, public speaking teaches students only how to speak and they think that the skills of communications are debates and also speeches. But communication is more than debates and speeches, if we want to earn knowledge for a brighter future we should enrolled such a course as public speaking. Communication is the most important skill that people should use during their lifetime. So better learn the skills of communication, a course like Public Speaking it would help us earn knowledge and become stronger and better in communication. According to, (Hunt, Ekachai, Garard & Rust) students in college should take a course like public speaking (2001). This course would help them during other classes and earn knowledge for basic oral communication. So every year a thousand of students enroll in courses of communication some of student prefer to take such a course but some of other enrolls only because this course is required in some universities around the world. However this course it’s helpful because it helps students to know more about communication theories and skills no matter which are their orientations during college life. Courses like basic communication are important in many spheres of life such as for career concerns and also for our civil life.

So taking in consider that such a course is very important in our life, this course in colleges around the Unite States of America stands in forefront and is one of the most important course in universities (Goulden, 2002). Many benefits are supplied by this course to students around the world. According to Hunt et al. Courses like public speaking are very helpful for the student’s career (2001). So according to some studies that were made, were revealed some positive point e.g. courses like public speaking had impact in people behavioral concepts and also it helps them to respect their selves, also it was shown that during this lessons students wanted more to communicate to each other’s (Morreale, Hackman, & Neer, 1995-1998). This course has also an import in pedagogic function, so according to some studies that were made form NCA these issues are kind critical because this course has changed many time since the last surveys that where made from NCA. (Morreale et al., 1999). The investigation of communication course happened in 1968 from a group of under graduation students (Gibson, Gruner, Brooks, & Petrie, 1970). So scientists made some surveys to take some information from the prior students only to know more about the basis communication course and how it is a tutor in these two years also five years. So in the prior collected data are shown some interesting information about the testing method, enrollment and in general about the course content. But in addition the new list includes ‘technology, race, ethnicity and also it include distance education. In addition to these two surveys that were made are shown some changes in analyses and also in their collection. However the concept of the course does not change it remains the same. In addition this course is recommended to all students all around the world (Morreale et al., 1999). In some universities coursers like basic course are available only for orientations like public speaking. But it is not the same in all campuses, these courses in other universities remains as intrapersonal classes. Courses like public speaking and hybrid orientations are very helpful and share many benefits for schools and universities’ and also for people who want to know more about comparison of the orientations. This basic course helps student to clarify their idea and to learn the fundamental rules of communication which has a huge impact in our life (Morreale et al., 1999).

Basic Oral Communication

Communication skills have a huge impact also in our professional successes. In the United States, the department of labor (1995) it is stated that people with communication skills are going to be the ones who will take the job easily. By having good communication skills people would have more self-confident and they would be able to control their life as they want. By learning communication skills people would be able to present new ideas share arguments also to make interesting and beneficial researches (Buckley, 1992). It was made a list from Becker & Eckdom that communication skills are more important and valuable than other skills like technical skills to have a success in job (1980). According to the survey it was found that communication skills are one of the most important skills that student should have to get employed (Winsor, Curtis, & Stephens). It was stated from Harrell & Harrell that one of most valuable and important skill for a successful career, in this case in business is by having the ability to have good communication skills (1948). According to Mosvick and Nelson the half of a person life is working in groups with a lot of different persons, and also attending in different meeting so we should apply our communication skills (1996). It was stated that some leader of engineering classified communication skills as a key to success and also they classified it as more important and valuable than technical skills (Felder, et al., 2000). According to Darling & Dannels the communication skills which are important for engineers are message construction skills negotiations and also working in groups (2003). That survey that was maid shows that by having good communication skills you would have ability to be employed and you would earn lot of other benefits (Winsor, Curtis, and Stephens, 1997). Communication skills are one of the major points to be successful during our lifetime. But are student attending communication courses during their college life? It was stated that some of graduated students has lack of communication skills they are not able to communicate, and also work in group teams.

(“Graduates are,” 1997). Student are having a lot of problems and almost 500 companies specified that student should work more on their communication skills, and they should work in order to succeed (“Graduates are,” 1997). The essential skills that employees should have are communication skills, in this are included team-working and the ability to communicate and share ideas with the others (Murane and Levy, 1996). Also it was expressed form an economics professor that “…we are living in communications revolution comparable to the invention of printing… In an age of increasing talk, its wiser talk we need most” (McCloskey, 1994). The medicine school in Harvard made interviews with almost 2.000 patients, and they noticed that poor communication skills had a huge impact in patients. This was the only reason why they were not much connected with their doctors and leads patients with lots of misunderstandings (Keating, et. al., 2002). It was published from Harvard that physicians should use better communication skills. Better communication would help patients to get the right connection to their doctors and they would have the right diagnose (“Patients consider,” 2002). The skills of communication are essential for all professions. Public Speaking course helps us to understand the basis of communication. Students made a lot of speeches, so everything they learned they present them by giving a speech. So to teach such a course like public speaking you should have a deep understanding field of communication, including some important thing that matches together like theory and a lot of technics and researches. To teach a course like public speaking is a big challenge. Professors should be super confident and well-prepared. “Communication education is most appropriate and effective when it is taught by faculty trained in the discipline and in departments that are devoted to the study of communication” (Morreale, Osborn, and Pearson, 2000). We can develop a lot of benefit from attending a public speaking course.

Further by communication orders, we are able to communicate and in this case speak with the other which allows us to be participant in daily and public life. Education in communication helps us to develop a lot of new skills that would have a huge impact on our political and also social life. According to Clark, R. D. & Shields, G, communication with family has an impact on our life and behaviors. It was made a study of 339 schools in some rural areas. They made some analyses of how adolescents were related to their parents. According to the analyses it was shown that adolescents that were more related to their parents were more communicative and polite (1997). Non-verbal communication is also a process of communication that we can also call it wordless. In this article are discussed the importance of body language and how it is interpreted, it is also stated the culture variations of non-verbal communication and its uses. It is shown that it was build a company form Japan in United States. Employees had many problems in lack of communication with Japanese (Parratt, S. 1995).The fundamental education is communication; the best way to succeed and to have a brighter career is by having the ability to communicate with others. The basic skill of taking a good job is by having good communication skills. Communication skills are essential in many professions like; auditing, engineering, banking etc. According to Ugbah, S. D. & Evuleocha, S. U, oral communication and also the ability of listing is one of the most important rules of communication. If you want the job you dreamed, better follow these rules of communication (1992). Student also should earn some advanced skills. According to Rubin &Morreale these advanced skills are more complicated than just knowing or feeling (1996). These can be mixtures of skill and knowledge. An example of such as an advanced skill is being able to understand different people and different cultures by sharing different massages to them (Jones, 1994). By communicating we should manage conflicts and different dialogues with partners.

The communication class gives students opportunity to learns and earn knowledge, but students should practice to earn these knowledge. The knowledge is thought mostly in classrooms. So they should attend the class regularly. Conclusively the best way how we can share emotions is by communicating. Having the right communication skills it helps us in many ways like getting what we want and work want we want. We learned that courses of communication help humans to understand the concept of communication earn self-confidence and share emotions with the audience. Communication has their own rules it is more valuable than other humans skills. It helps humans get connected and more related to each other’s. Personally this course has a hug impact in my student life, I earned lot knowledge and now I’m able to communicate and give speeches properly and it also helped me to get more self-confident and not to be polite. “Communication, the human connection is the key to personal career and success” (Paul J. Mayer)

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