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People in today’s world are having trouble while having a public speaking, but when we are having the speech we can recognize why courses like public speaking are important. The importance of public speaking can be the reason in which way our career will end. For good or for bad public speaking can also change our relationship with others. By taking courses of Public Speaking students will totally increase their self-confidence, and also when they are in an awkward situation. Knowing how to communicate can be important also in securing a good job. The way we present ourselves by communicating for an interview can affect whether they want to accept you or not. Every human being in their lives at some points will need to talk in front of others; public speaking is an opportunity to have a good influence in your career life. According to Morreale, Hackman, and Neer, the base of having courses like public speaking is the most important why students self-confidence is so much better and they do not fear to speak in public like they used to (Morreale, Hackman,  Neer, (1995, 1998). Very few people actually enjoy having any kinds of speaking in front of the others, so some members of the Undergraduate Speech Instruction Interest Group of the Speech Association of America began a course by helping people to face speaking in public in 1968 (Gibson, Gruner, Brooks, Petrie, 1970). Communication as a subject should be taught to children from their early time, and should even continue when they are adults.

People may know how important is the education of communication, but they may not be aware how important is having some skills to interpret better your thoughts to the others (Morreale. Sh, Osborn. M, Pearson. J, (2000). Developed skills can be more than feeling something or just doing anything that you want. Some skills that education of communication has can also require the audience analysis; some instances of skills can be while having the ability to understand someone with a different culture or even with other organizations (Jones, 1994). Universities should also have skills of listening; they should recognize important problems, and also students with each other should not have conflicts (Jones, 1994; Rubin Morreale, 1996). The basic course like is Public Speaking can help students to make clear their thoughts or ideas, so in this way, this type of courses can have a big impact on everybody’s life (Morreale et al., 1999). People that have good skills in communication are somehow with more self-confident and they can manage their life in which way they want to. Also, an important issue of having good skills in communication would be so much helpful to share new ideas and present anything that you want (Buckley, 1992). Throughout our lifetime having skills on communication is the main point to be a successful one Some studies have shown that students who have finished classes like public speaking have admitted that it was a good experience, it was helpful for them. Also, an interesting thing was that some students said that they were being better listeners right now, they have been encouraged all the time and they can do for example speeches without having any fear of the audience looking at them (Moyer and Hugenberg, 1997). A survey that was done years ago shows that if you have good skills while communicating you can have more chances to be with a job, but you also can benefit so many things (Winsor, Curtis, and Stephens, 1997). Classes with public speaking can provide any student some chances to practice and learn new skills, but also it can correct those students that are inappropriate with the others (Rubin and Morreale, 1996).

Even that learning is a hard thing to do, college students are developing new skills while communicating in front of their classmates, it is shown that students find more helpful if they practice in front of someone that is more familiar to them. Classes, where public speaking is happening, can also help us in our position where we want to work (Rubin and Morreale, 1996). People that have better skills while talking in front of others without having any problems would have the possibility to be chosen from the corporation where you want to be. Furthermore, also it will improve your relationships with other students in the same University as you are, but also you can feel more free communication with someone that has a higher level than you do. By practicing every day before trying to say something, such things can happen (Moyer and Hugenberg, 1997). By attending the class every time you have, you can earn knowledge in such things. While we are communicating we must be able to manage our feelings and our conflicts that we may have during the dialogue with someone else. There are so many opportunities that Public Speaking can give to you, things that you should do are by practicing without giving up (Jones, 1994; Rubin Morreale, 1996). In addition, the indisputable importance of courses like public speaking can be divided into two areas, one of them is professional career and the other one is about academic. The main problem with a class of Public Speaking is that this course is not being able to be taught in many universities (Emanuel, R. 2005). Almost every profession that you will take, would value the role of how you are communicating with the others. Classes of Public Speaking are more about how procedure your communication, it can help you with writing and giving speeches. Students can be able to prove that knowledge by giving a variety of speeches in their own (Morreale. Sh, Osborn. M, Pearson. J, (2000). The reason why some schools choose to offer classes of Public.

Speaking can be that their instructors are training students in English and everything that is being done is all from students. There exists also nonverbal communications that are a procedure of communicating, it is called; wordless. In the United States, it has built a company from Japanese people, the only thing they saw difficult was communicating with each other (Parratt, S. 1995). The essential of earning knowledge is communication; it is one of the best ways to have a positive career and a good social life. According to Clark, R. and Shields, G, an important thing is also how we communicate with our family; it can play a huge role in how our behavior is. In so many schools there was make a study which they wanted to analyze how adolescents are related to their family especially to their parents (Rubin and Morreale, 1996). It was shown that those who used to be more related to their parents, were more polite and also a good communicator (1997). While Teaching a Fundamentals of Oral Communication the instructor needs to have such broad understanding all of its history, its research and also the techniques which will help students get into it easier. This type of class is a much more provoking class to be taught. It needs to have someone who is a good and professional communicator because he or she will guide their students in various types of knowing how to communicate (Emanuel, R. 2005) Some professional educators agree that students in college need to know skills of commination and then they can leave college. For example, the experiment of Rubin and Feezel in 1985 and the survey that was made from Johnson in 1994, and Roellke in 1999, confirmed that listening and being able to speak is the most important of having skills while communicating. In Harvard, the school of medicine did some interviews with nearly 2.000 of people that were patients in some ways. It was observed that not having good communication with patients, they were having problems in communicating with their doctor for whatever they want (Keating, et. al., 2002).

Also from the University of Harvard, it was discussed that physicians are not having good communication skills. If doctor and patient would have better communication they would be following the right diagnoses (“Patients consider,” 2002). So having good skills is not by giving speeches but is also essential within all other professions. Moreover, need to have more investigations have not been so important unless someone would have taken the duty to show to everyone what their ideas were. In the way that our ideas to be spoken, skills of public speaking were essential and for them who success is all they want first they should triumph over not having fear of speaking in front of the others (Rubin, Moore, Sisco, and Quianthy, 1983). Some students that were graduated used to have lack of knowing who to communicate, they were not able to do group speeches and they did not manage their way of communication. About 500 companies stated that students who want to have a job should practice and work so much more on their skills of communication because it seems that they are having lots of problems (“Graduates are,” 1997). By having skills, one of the most important thing that it was mentioned before, people would not just benefit skills but they would earn also some knowledge on how their communication should be improved. By not having fear to show your ideas to the others, you have made it to the other step by learning new skills on communication (Murane and Levy, 1996). As a conclusion, we all have learned something new while taking our Public Speaking class. As I mentioned before we should be able to earn skills to have a better communication even if that is in our everyday life, or by having a speech with an audience looking at you. By taking Public Speaking I was able to have met such great friends that I just saw them in hallways but I never had the chance to talk with them. Personally, in this class, I have earned self-confident and also the most important thing, how to not be fear of public speaking.

Courses like this should have been from our childhood and continue when we are adults because there are few people that do not fear to talk in front of the others. Now thanks to this class I am able to do any speech without having doubts if I should go in the stage or not. Good communication skill can help people to connect with each other without having fear of talking.

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