California-based Video streaming service, YouTube offers a snapshot of the famous artist with its Trending Chart, also relaunching its existing charts experience for 44 countries including, Japan, US, Brazil, Germany, UK. Company’s new charts involve Trending chart for Top Songs as well as Top Artists.

YouTube said in the statement that the new charts entirely based on a total number of views as well as a reflection of the success achieved by artists. The service declared the changes in a blog post.

The trending chart provides a real-time view of the new music and that is updated multiple times. It also represents YouTube’s first dedicated external signal of the most viewed new music. The trending chart highlights the number of views a song has tallied on YouTube. The service said that it has a measurement system that de-prioritizes tracks to ensure the top end of the chart is not clogged up by music videos that have accumulated billions of lifetime views.

YouTube said, “It is calculated by how much a song is taking off relative to its age; if something connects right away, it will do better on the trending chart.” Further, it added, “For older videos, it would be possible to get on the trending chart but more unlikely per the relative weight is given to recency and velocity.”

The Top Artists Chart highlights the most popular artists based on official music videos, official song user-generated content, remixes and many more. The service said that Top Artists is updated weekly on Sunday at 12 pm.