A Japanese Multinational Automotive Manufacture, Toyota is planning to build test center for autonomous vehicles that will replicate edge case driving scenarios. The new test center will give the flexibility to customize driving scenario.

The company stated that the center will be built in Ottawa Lake outside Detroit and will be operated by Toyota Research Institute. Toyota said in the statement that the new test center is due to open on a 60-acre site in October that will include congested urban environments, slick surfaces and a four-lane divided highway with high-speed entrance and exit ramps. The company did not unveil the detail information of the project.

The Toyota Research Institute’s senior vice president of automated driving, Ryan Eustice said, “This new site will give us the flexibility to customize driving scenarios that will push the limits of our technology and move us closer to conceiving a human-driven vehicle that is incapable of causing a crash.”

Several automakers started autonomous vehicle testing on a public road which leads to many crashes. Toyota’s move comes in the wake of a fatal crash in Arizona of a self-driving car operated by Uber’s research unit. The company will continue to test autonomous vehicles at two other test tracks near Detroit.

Most of the automakers have been racing to develop self-driving cars with a viable product and list include Waymo, Alphabet Inc unit and General Motors Co. However, the advanced technology raised the several questions about the safety.

Toyota spokesperson said, “We will resume testing on public roads in a few weeks, once these three systems have been more closely aligned.”