An American automaker specialized in electric vehicles, Tesla’s CEO planning to reorganize the company as it is suffering from several problems mainly consists of senior staff departures, production problems, crashes involving its electric cars and many more. CEO inform their employees about his decision through the mail.

Tesla CEO said in the mail, “Tesla was flattening the management structure to improve communication combining functions and trimming activities not vital to the success of our mission in the reorganization.” Further, the company gives confirmation of contents of the email.

A few days back, the automaker was in lamplight for its inauspicious launch of the Model 3 sedan that has been plagued by early production problems. On Monday, company’s shares fell 3 percent to close at $291.97. Matthew Schwall was the chief technical contact with U.S. safety investigators, who had recently joined Alphabet Inc’s self-driving unit, Waymo.

Elon said, “The number of sort of third-party contracting companies that we’re using has really gotten out of control, so we’re going to scrub the barnacles on that front. It’s crazy. You’ve got barnacles on barnacles. So, there’s going to be a lot of barnacle removal.”

Tesla’s upcoming projects include a semi-truck, also the company has registered a new car firm in Shanghai. Also, it’s likely stepping towards China’s production.

Tesla CEO did not disclose more information about “a reorganization restructuring”, however, the company will hire more people to fill the positions to support Model 3 production ramp.