On 9th May 2018, China State Shipbuilding Corp or CSSC began amassing China’s first self-created icebreaker at a shipyard in Shanghai. The first self-developed icebreaker is expected to start its first scientific expedition to Antarctica soon to use two-way icebreaking technology.

The first self-developed icebreaker called Xuelong 2- Snow Dragon 2 will be built by connecting different sections and the hull will be divided into 114 sections, further assembled into 11 and then joined from bottom to top.

In August 2018, as per the schedule Snow Dragon, 2 will leave the dock, following such as equipment and system adjustment, mooring experimentation, interior decoration and many more. It is expected to be commissioned in the first half of 2019.

The new icebreaker will improve performance in icy zones and it will be break ice 1.5m thick as well as endure temperatures of -30C.

Chief designer of Snow Dragon 2, Wu Gang said, “The project is not simply purchasing the designs and drawings from foreign companies this time.” Snow Dragon 2 production design was performed by domestic institutions.

Wu said, “It’s a road we’ve never taken before, so, we decided to work with a partner to ensure its smooth run.”

Snow Dragon 2 was initially built as an icebreaking cargo and supply ship designed for the Russian Arctic and it is China’s only operational polar research vessel.