Albania and Serbia have agreed to jointly promote themselves abroad in fairs as well as other events to draw more visitors to both countries. Serbia is a country on southeast Europe’s Balkan peninsula whereas Albania on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula is a small country with Adriatic has many castles and archaeological sites.

Serbia’s Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications said, “Tourists from an overseas visit several destinations [in the region] during one trip, so the task of every regional country is to find its own, visible, original spot,” Serbia’s Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.” Further, the agreement includes the two nations collaborating in universal tourism associations and advancing participation between associations that work in the field of tourism.

Serbian Trade Minister Rasim Ljajic said, “We have a lot to offer and believe exchanges of experts and the cooperation of our tourist agencies, chambers of commerce, and media reports from both countries … will contribute to a rise in tourism traffic in both directions.”

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Serbian Trade Minister Rasim Ljajic and Albanian Tourism Minister Blendi Klosi signed the deal. Serbian Trade Minister said that the main objective of the deal was to increase the traffic of tourists in both the countries, which is very low at the certain point.

Blendi Klosi said, “The potential is great and should be exploited, and includes cultural heritage and the promotion of our way of life.”