US president Donald Trump’s new proposal on border security vowing to send the military to US-Mexico border until he can build the wall. Trumps saying, he is talking to defense secretary Jim Mattis about it but some hurdles to overcome, because there are legal limits to use the military on US soil.

US president seemed to catch his own aides by surprise, proposing, potentially, his most aggressive idea yet to secure the border with Mexico using the US military. Trump said, “We have very bad laws for our border and we are going to be doing something. I have been speaking with Mattis and we are going to be doing things militarily until we can have a wall and proper security.”

Among the people most surprised by the president’s idea to use the military. Multiple officials stated that there has been no specific proposal yet developed to use the military on the border. But the US president has been told recently that he has the authority to deploy national guard troops and that authority, however, is limited.

The military cannot be used for domestic law enforcement such as detaining illegal border crossers. This latest idea comes after the week president proposed, via Twitter, using the military budget to build the wall. The senior White House officials stated that president’s latest idea almost certainly not within his authority, has been put on his back burner.

The Mexican ambassador to the United States has issued a statement saying that he is seeking clarification from the state department and the department of homeland security. Further, Mexican ambassador added, “We share the idea of a secure border, but we do not always agree on how to achieve that goal.”