US president Trump is railing against the Russia investigation. White House now ruling out saying president Trump has the authority to fire Robert Mueller. President also said the things at the White House are clam calculated but the sources telling the US president is angrier than ever before.

US president is not happy with his personal attorney Robert Mueller, but he had no intention of firing him. But now sources are saying that US president has authority to fire Mueller and if he chooses to do so they receive advice from justice department from legal scholars. Yet, it’s uncleared what the exact president can do. May believes he would have to fire Deputy Attorney who is overseeing the Mueller special counsel investigation.

Sources telling that the president has openly considered doing. Additionally, sources telling president would be suicided if he fired Mueller. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Mueller should be allowed to finish his investigation. But now this movement afoot all Capitol Hill including by parties move that is going to be introduced recently.

Some of the senators say they don’t believe the US president plans to fire his personal attorney. Sources are telling is the president does not fire Mueller then he will sit down for an interview.