An American venture capital firm focused on seed and growth-stage companies, Redpoint Ventures has appointed Annie Kadavy as its first female general partner.

Before joining Redpoint investment team, she worked with CRV as well as Uber where she ran several strategic operations. At CRV, Annie sourced in ClassPass, Doordash and she was on the board at Laurel.

Annie has an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Kadavy said, “I wanted to focus on the consumer but have the ability to do a broader set of investing. I also wanted to join an early stage fund that had a growth fund attached to it.”

Annie Kadavy elaborated on her decision to join Redpoint, “It is the economic manifestation of how investment decisions are made, how a venture team will work collectively for you (or not), and how that team will evolve over time. This is rare, and it exists at Redpoint.” Annie looking for opportunities in the Bay Area, LA, Seattle, and NYC.

Redpoint Venture found in 1999 with offices in San Francisco, Beijing, and Los Angeles. According to the information of the source, it has raised $4.1 billion across its funds. Redpoint’s partner includes Jamie Davidson, Allen Beasley, Jeff Brody and many more. Its founder has been involved with successful investments such as Right Media, Foundry, Juniper Networks.