Growing calls for the top official at the Environmental Protection Agency to step down. The source’s information states that he scored a sweetheart real estate deal at Condo owned by the wife of top lobbyists with energy company clients. More than dozen other Democrats calling for Pruitt to lose his job.

One of the news contributors met with US president Trump and said Pruitt not necessarily the next to go. Chief Executive Officer at Newsmax Media, Chris Ruddy said, “President I think to look holistically at their whole job performance and will apply that same formula to Scott Pruitt. He is also not somebody that’s going to throw someone overboard just because of one issue.”

Scoot Pruitt, it’s been under scrutiny for months over lavish travel spending and installing a 40000-dollar secure phone booth in his office. The latest revelation that he pays just fifty dollars per night for one room in his Cando near blocks in the US capital during his first six months in Washington. Sources found that mending a similar apartment could cost as much as 5000 dollars a month and Pruitt paid one-third of that rate. He uses the entire unit and his daughter a White House intern at the time stayed in the other veteran free of charge.

Less than 24 hours after the new report the EPA completed its own investigation. Confirming an earlier finding that the deal is quote consistent with federal ethics regulations.