Tech Giant Google revealed it a most expensive update of Gmail this week, renovating its free email service with new features and a fresh look.

The company is including some shrewd business-focused highlights intended to enhance efficiency, security, and deal with the sharing of messages. These are the kinds of highlights you’d generally find in equal programming like Microsoft’s Outlook application that a ton of enormous organizations uses for work environment messages.

The company stated that its most extensive update to software in its G Suite workplace bundle since accelerating efforts to steal business from Microsoft. The latest update consists of the spreadsheet as well as instant-messaging features.

The company stated that it restructured email storage databases for syncing messages across devices and upgraded computers underpinning the service.

Product Manager Lead for Gmail, Jacob Bank said, “This is an entire rewrite of our flagship, most-used product.”

Sources stated that G Suite generated around $2 billion in revenue last year, but it declined to specify costs associated with the redesign.

On Monday, parent Alphabet said that first-quarter capital expenditures nearly tripled year-over-year to $7.3 billion. Ruth Porat, Chief Financial Officer stated that half of the spending came about because of equipment buys to help growing utilization of machine realizing, which portrays robotized programs that can, in addition to other things, distinguish spam and anticipate which messages clients would discover generally vital.

SMARTS Google’s Bank said the upgrade was required basically to give disconnected access to up to 90 days of messages for clients who turn on the component.