An American automaker, Ford planning to drop most of its sedans by 2020 and from next decade it will only sell the Focus Active and Mustang in its home market. Apart from this, the company will introduce new ‘white paper’ vehicles which will combine the best attributes of cars and utilities, such as space and versatility. Company’s move comes amid demand for sedans falter as well as shifting consumer demand which has seen sales of SUV models grow.

Yet, there is no any confirmation as it seems like focus which also comes with the range-topping RS-spec that made a headline with its drift mode.

Ford Chief Executive Officer, Jim Hackett said, “We are committed to taking the appropriate actions to drive profitable growth and maximize the returns of our business over the long term.” Further, Jim added, “Where we can raise the returns of under-performing parts of our business by making them more fit, we will. If appropriate returns are not on the horizon, we will shift that capital to where we can play and win.”

The company said in its 2018 first quarter statement that it would introduce hybrid-electric powertrains to profitable vehicles such as Bronco SUVs, Explorer, Escape and the Mustang sports car. Ford will launch its first battery electric model to market by 2020. The company eyes on a mobility platform as well as autonomous technology as key business opportunities it will invest in.

Recently, an American automaker is in news for its patented car model. The patented car has an inbuilt two-wheeler that can break away from the car itself. The model looks to be a fun model from Ford.