Syrian Government accused of launching new chemical attack on civilians. Syrian activities stated that a poison attack on a rebel-held town near the capital has killed at least 40 people including families found in their homes and shelters, opposition activists and local rescuers. The chemical attack occurred Saturday night by Syrian government resulted in number of losses but provided no specific figures.

US president responding on tweeter vowing a big price will be paid. Slamming Syrian president Bashar al-Assad calling him an animal and calling out Russian president by name. Christopher Sherwood, Pentagon spokesman stated that this time the Department of Defense is not conducting airstrikes in Syria.

There has been at least a half dozen suspecting chemical attacks in Syria the US president launched the air strikes, which meant to deter. Israel has also struck inside Syria and its military had no immediate comment on the Syrian reports.

The suspected poison gas attack came almost exactly a year after the U.S. missile attack prompted by the Khan Sheikhoun deaths. US president blames Syrian government for what he called a “mindless CHEMICAL attack.

Haitham Bakkar said, “There’s nothing left for civilians and fighters. We don’t have anything to stand fast.” Bakkar added, “People now are going out in the streets looking for their loved ones in the rubble and we don’t have any space left to bury them.”

The Syrian government denied the affirmations and said the cases were fabrications by the Army of Islam to impede government progresses. Russian also denied any involvement in the attack while saying the country was prepared to send specialists to Douma to “confirm the fabricated nature” of the reports.