The Soviet-designed II-76 military plane came down on an area with no residents. According to the information of the source, at least 257 people died in a military plane crash in Northern Algeria. The Algeria military plane crashed soon after take-off in a farm field about 20 miles southwest of the capital Algiers.

According to the defense ministry, ten crew members died in the crash and most of the dead are army personnel and their families. Among the dead are said to be 26 individuals from the Polisario Front, looking for autonomy from Morocco for Western Sahara and upheld by Algeria. Since 2003, it is a second-deadliest plane crash.

The cause of the crash was unknown. The Algerian Defense Ministry has opened an investigation. The plane was scheduled to make a layover in Southern Algeria on the way to a military base in Bechar in Southwest Algeria.

Farouk Achour, Algeria’s affable security office representative said that the plane was planned to make a delay in the southern town of Tindouf, which is home to numerous outcasts from neighbouring Western Sahara, an asset-rich domain added by Morocco in 1975 to which the indigenous Sahrawis and the Moroccan government both lay claim.