The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly in stable condition after he had emergency heart surgery. He went in for a preplanned less invasive procedures but due to complications, it turned into emergency open heart surgery.

After emergency surgery, Arnold’s representative said the previous senator is back after expected to be a less obtrusive technique to supplant a valve set in back in 1997 because of the intrinsic heart deformity. Arnold Schwarzenegger opening to Barbara Walters about confusions that took after that surgery.

Over two decades later the 70-year-old representative says the valve had outlasted its future, so he supplanted it settling on a very late choice to wipe out the trek to Washington.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson said, “During that procedure, an open-heart surgery team was prepared in case the catheter procedure was unable to performed.”

Sources stated that when it comes to minimally invasive procedures for heart surgery, this goes all the time as it does for the rest of the body and it’s on the surgical concept. The team already prepared to do it, but the patient needs to be at least mentally prepared for this thing.

Furthermore, the Congenital heart defects much more common than people think. It occurs about 1% of all births in the country. A lot of those defects are picked up in the prenatal ultrasounds and lot of those immediately require surgery after birth but there is a whole range of patience.