A crucial day for the midterm elections as voters going to the polls in Texas to vote in the first primaries. This year, more than 50 women are running in Texas. Democrats are hoping to seize onrush of new enthusiasm and Republicans hoping the state will stick to its red roots.

Deep in the heart of Texas, the official kick-off of the critical midterm elections. Democrats are hoping to turn the deep red state blue, fueled by a wave of female candidates.  Democrat Judy Canales gets emotional thinking about the moment a friend convinced her to run.

More than 50 women are running for Congress in Texas. Across the country, more than 400 female congressional candidates that double number that ran in 2016. Texas Senate candidate, Lizzie Pannill Fletcher said, “We feel like it’s time for our voice to be heard and for us to have a seat at the table”.

A year ago, Democrat Gina Ortiz was working for the Trump Administration and now she is running against his agenda. Gina said, “It can’t be surprising the number of women running, the number of women color running. The people that have the most to lose. You can’t surprise that they have stepped up”.

Democrats are also eyeing the Texas seat of Senator Ted Cruz. Democrats are focusing on few critical swings date won by Hilleary Clinton and they do have reason to be optimistic and early voters’ numbers show democratic turnout is skyrocketing.