British multinational telecommunications company, Vodafone inks partnership with Italian manufacturer of Luxury supercars, Lamborghini to improve the driving experience with the help of advanced technology and connectivity. Everyone is expecting lot more from famous two brands.

A strategic partnership will ensure authentic design along with state of the art mechanical technology. Jointly, both will work to introduce worldwide connectivity in the iconic four wheels brand in Tandem. This association will help automaker to enhance the driving experience and will make a new shape through connectivity.

Vodafone’s Global Director of IoT, Stefano Gastaut stated on the development that two leaders are going to set the benchmark with trending technology and for sure it is going to set an ideal example for those who want to transform their businesses with latest trends. The association will offer something unique to their customers in their respective field that will not only form new lifestyle but will enhance new service too.

Lamborghini’s Head of Connected Car, Nicola Porciani, company promises to create a cutting-edge experience while utilizing the greatest technologies. This partnership will help both the organization to maintain innovation with the excellence. It is not sure, but both the organization will look forward to the Internet of Things as everyone knows it is the future.