United States president Donald Trump ramping his attack on special counsel Robert Muller’s Russian investigation that a president fired off a series of tweets this weekend. Trump spent the weekend out of the public but feel mean over Twitter. President’s latest attack on Russian Investigation is entering new territory. Trump’s latest target special counsel Robert Muller calling him out for the first time by name.

Trump tweeted, “The Muller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime…Which Hunt!”

The attack came after his personal lawyer called for the Justice Department and the special counsel’s probe. Lawmakers on both sides are issuing the warning “Don’t Fire Muller”.

A White House legal advisor attempted to ease concerns and White House once more affirms that the president isn’t thinking about or examining the terminating of the Special Council, Robert Muller. One Republican urged the president exercise restraint. The president also took aim at Deputy FBI Director McCabe who was fired On Friday who was fired eight days before his retirement.

McCabe denies any wrongdoing out, but the president tweeted his ouster was a great day for democracy. According to the information of the source McCabe was interviewed by Muller’s team and gave investigators personal memos of his interaction with the US president. Similar memos were written by his boss and former FBI Director James Coney.

Trump tweeted that he spent very little time with McCain and says he never saw him taking any notes.