A clash between the specialist of a sovereign Indian country and non-native authorities is taking care of business in Florida, where new-born at a Miami hospital was taken from her parent by Tribal Police. Baby’s mother is a member of Indian Tribe and her father is white. 2-day-old Ingrid in the arms of her adoring mother, Rebecca Sanders, a member of Miccosukee Indian Tribe. A happy nuclear family until the tribal detectives entered Baptist Hospital which is outside the tribe’s reservation in the Everglades.

A mother of the baby, Rebecca Sanders said, “A police officer and a few security guards came into the room, asking me if I knew what was going on.” Further, Rebecca added, “The police officers told me that I no longer have custody of my daughter.”

Baby’s father, Johnson said, “I’m beyond ecstatic. It wasn’t immediately clear when the child would be returned.”

The baby’s grandmother, Betty Osceola, taking custody after obtaining a tribal order from the Miccosukee Indian Tribe. Rebecca Sanders said her mother didn’t want the baby to grow up with white father. The grandmother claiming Johnson was abusive towards Sanders.

Miami-Dade police officers were there when Miccosukee police took the infant to, quote, “Maintain the peace.”

In the statement, Baptist Hospital says, “It’s our hospital’s policy to corporate with law enforcement as they enforce court orders.”

After a day-long hearing in Tribal Court, baby Ingrid expected to be reunited with her parents. Miami-Dade police said they got involved after a Miccosukee sergeant asked their help to enforce federal court order but there was no such order, only a tribal order, but now they are reviewing whether it was legal to execute that order in the country.