The suspicious packages with potentially destructive materials that addressed to the White House, the military, the CIA and many more. More than a dozen packages could be in the mail, authorities stated.

Agents swarmed the house of a 43-year-old man, arrested outside of Seattle. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning packages with potentially destructive devices could still be in the mail. According to the Justice Department, more than a dozen packages were mailed that addressed to the White House.

Packages arriving at four military bases in the Washington, D.C area, and the CIA. At the Army’s Fort McNair, a package forced the evacuation of the building. The specialized team found it contained the black powder which could be used in explosives, also GPS device and a fuse.

Sources information stated that all the packages including a long rambling letter which said, “President Trump businessman we want $250 million all you dead and referred to Synaptic Frequency.”

Authorities say the previous writings to the White House that actually helped lead them to the suspect. Tranh Cong Phan was known to the FBI because he had sent letters to the White House. FBI saying, they actually recognized some of the phrases from the earlier letters with the rambling letter found in these packages.