An American restaurant, Pizza Hut’s new shoes not only look good, but they feed you too. Last year, Pizza Hut introduced its Pie Tops for March Madness and the sneakers let customer order pizza with the push of a button. But for this year’s March Madness, the international franchise has come up with something special, especially for foodies.

The pizza chain introducing Pie Tops II that can be used to order delicious pizza and at the same time, it let the people pause the TV. Pie Tops II packs with buttons on their tongues that can be utilized somewhat like consoles. Press the catch one foot to arrange pizza, and the catch on the tongue of the other shoe to stop the game. The game is stopped with the help of DVR receiver and shoes are well-suited with DirecTV, Dish, Xfinity, Fios.

Pie Tops use Bluetooth technology that connects the pizza button to the Pizza Hut app on the user’s phone. The shoes available in two colors white and wheat respectively. The sneakers go on sale March 19 but only 50 pairs are available. Some people want to test the shoes if they actually work well to pause the TV.