Pandora planning to make footprints in personalized playlists, like Spotify. Back in 2015, Spotify started building custom-curated playlists and now Pandora is offering a similar option for its users. Pandora will put its Music Genome to create auto-playlists based on users listening habits. The personalized playlists will appear over time in up to 60 different categories.

Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips said, “The personalized playlists fit your moods, activities and favorite genres and are updated each week based on your individual musical tastes”. Further, Chris added, “We combined our human curation with personalized algorithms to automatically serve up new artists and songs anticipating the perfect balance of discovery and steady favorites.”

Pandora’s Music Genome Project uses over 450 attributes that describe different elements of songs, the type of background vocals and many more. The company collects all the raw data using the combination of elements over 75 machine learning algorithms.

As the user listens to music, the company will keep track of their activities and create another playlist based on that. These playlists will be refreshed with new music on a weekly basis and will include songs based on users’ history.

The modified playlist will appear under “Featured Playlists” on the mobile app. Pandora said, “User will get different playlists if and only if they differentiate their listening habits.”

Pandora launched 250 “featured playlists” on its premium tier, last year. Pandora’s personalized playlists, however, could be a unique differentiator from Spotify, if it can nail dozens of different moods and genres.