A 25-year-old Hollywood actress Adea Shabani has been missing from a couple of days. Adea Shabani moved from Macedonia to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career was last seen on Wilcox Avenue in Santa Clarita around 11 am. Feb. 23. According to the report, police calling her disappearance doubtful.

Adea Shabani’s disappearance just came out of the blue for many people. Her family, as well as friends, are desperate for answers. One of her friends stated that Adea is a social media person and she loves being known by around people.

Shabani moved to the Los Angeles less than two years ago to chase Hollywood dreams. Her friends say things are going good but her sudden disappearance shocked all of us. Officers involved in this case after her friends reported the missing case. At the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Shabani missed an important class and has also been a non-presence on social media, which is unlike her, friends told police.

Antonio Escobar, one of her friend said, “We tried calling her, messaging her, emailing her, Facebooking her, Instagramming her — every way, nothing”.

Police not available to disclose any information in the actress’s disappearance. Shabani’s mom has flown in from Macedonia to search for her little girl. Nonetheless, companions disclose to KTLA they think she is being held without wanting to.