Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels breaking her silence and explaining why she’s telling the world about her relationship with US president Donald Trump. Daniels says she instantly connected with US president first over a magazine.

Daniels says in a new allegation she was once physically threatened to keep quiet about the affair. She says it happened in 2011 just after she sold her story to “In Touch” magazine’s sister publication.

Stormy Daniels said, “I was in parking a lot and going to a fitness class with my daughter and a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave Trump alone and forget the story.” Daniels said that left her shaken and decided to sign a hush agreement with US president Trump’s attorney for $130,000 just days before the elections. But before that confidential agreement that was signed, Stormy Daniels was in discussions with news organizations.

The timing of that payment just days before the elections. Now the basis for complaints filed with the federal election commission and the justice department, alleging it was an illegal campaign contribution since Trump was running for president.

Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen said that he facilitated $130,000 payment using a personal line of credit neither the Trump organization nor the Trump campaign. But Daniels attorney has provided documents, showing Cohen using his Trump organization email address and mailing address during negotiations.

Daniel is now suing the US president to break that agreement, claiming it’s void. President’s lawyers say she violated the agreement more than 20 times.