5-year-old California girl, Sara enormously damaging from the ski lift. Her parents are speaking out saying the incident traumatized their whole family including their other daughter who witnessed the entire thing and they want to make sure that this does not happen to anyone’s child.

The horrifying incident viral on social media that showcases a 5-year-old is seen above the ground dangling from a ski lift in California. Her ski instructor holding her up by her hood and her sisters are next to her. Her mom riding just a few chairs ahead of her on the lift.

This frightening incident is not the first time that a child falls from a ski lift. The National Ski Area Associations stated, “Riding a ski lift is safer than riding in an elevator but there are no any federal regulations for lifts across the country. Most of the incidents happen just because of the human errors”.

Sara’s family said that their experience with Big Bear Mountain Resort left them with more questions than answer. Sara’s mom said, “We deserve to know what happened and so far, they are not telling us the reason behind her daughter’s fall”.

Sara’s father, Arman said, “They are not providing us with the facts and refusing to give us medical reports, what happened to our daughter. They are the first responders on the scene who told us in person that my daughter was unconscious, and they are refusing to turn that documents over to us”.

The Big Bear Mountain Resort stated, “They have provided an incident report to the family but has no control over medical reports”. Marketing Manager at Big Bear Mountain Resort, Justin Kanton said, “We are truly sorry our response to the family’s concerns, after the incident, fell short”.