New Legal trouble for US president Trump as 3 women now pursuing the legal action, one over the case of alleged harassment and two over alleged affairs. Karen Mcdougal is certainly anxious to share her story. Stormy Daniels has more than half a million followers on Twitter and her first public comment about her relationship with Donald Trump is coming in the form of tweet firing back at the critic.

Stormy Daniels taking to Twitter to rebuff a critic who suggested the adult movie star just disappeared claiming no one cares. On Tuesday, Stormy’s attorney released her picture of taking a polygraph test in 2011.

Her attorney commenting on a polygraph test, “She passed that test with flying colors. Quite honestly, we’re taken aback by some of the accusations that she attempted to shake down the president in 2016 and fabricated to the story to impact the elections. It’s bogus and the test result shows that.”

According to the documents provided by the Daniels in the opinion of the administrator of the polygraph she was truthful about having a relationship with Trump. More lawsuits centering around US president Trump’s alleged extramarital relationships. The latest from the “Playboy” model Karen Mcdougal, 46-year-old now suing the publisher of “The National Enquirer” alleging she was tricked into signing an agreement to keep quiet about an affair with Trump.

Mcdougal filed against Tuesday against American Media Inc., she said they promised her $150,000, two magazine covers and 24 months of articles. She insists never those promises never materialized. Mcdougal said she had a ten-month romantic relationship with US president Trump after meeting during a shooting of “Apprentice” episode.

A victory Tuesday for former “Apprentice” contestant summer Zervos. A New York court denied Trump’s attorney’s request to have a suit against the president dismissed. She accused trump of groping her back in 2007 and now accusing him of defaming her during a 2016 campaign by saying she lied.