Probably wasn’t a surprise to see Yamaha Brand Ambassador John Abraham appear with the stunning look but the new Yamaha’s new edition certainly was and especially it happened on a public day as well because Yamaha just wanted to keep that little trick up its sleeve. A Japanese manufacturer of the motorcycle has unveiled its latest motorcycle model.

The R3 arrives at the time when there’s so much anticipation around bikes getting more and more popular in the higher end spectrum. A lot of people wants a little more performance and they’re willing to pay for it as well.

Yamaha YZF-R3 comes with new form and it’s certainly looking like a huge step up from the last R3 because it offers not only offer new Metzeler SPORTEC M5 Tyres, but the user will get the ABS now finally a standard.

Yamaha YZF-R3 available in two colors there’s a Magma black and racing blue but doesn’t offer an all-digital instrument cluster like the R15 V3 offers. Despite everything it has the sweet 41bhp, 321cc parallel-twin motor and the taking care of that can convey any man to his knee and the bike is available at three lakhs forty-eight thousand rupees in India.