Over 40 years of experience in the global aerospace and defence supply chain industry, Pattonair launched its office in Japan as part of its global expansion. Pattonair, the leading supplier of chain management services, proudly offers services that meet individuals’ requirements.

Pattonair has its presence in Singapore as well as in China but its Japan foray continues to extend businesses across the globe. Pattonair’s new office set in Nagoya and handled by Naoki Makino, a business development manager.

A resident of Pattonair, David Schaffar stated that Pattonair stands for uniqueness in term of world-class service, performance goals, global network and so on. The company will offer all the services to Japanese customers as important part of this.

The company offers the wide range of products to their customer and highly committed to delivering faster and efficient aerospace product distribution. Pattonair brings solutions to major OEM’s. All Nippon Airways added in Pattonair’s client last year.