For the first time, the deputy branded a coward by some, accused of being outside the school building but failing to go inside to confront the shooter as it was all underway. Teacher and students begin returning to the scene of that horrific school shooting that school resource officer accused outside of the building while the rampage unfolded, defending himself.

Scot Peterson’s Lawyer said, “The allegation that Mr. Peterson was a coward and… failed to meet the standard police officers are patently untrue”. Former deputy officer, Scot Peterson claims he initially received a call of firecrackers and once he arrived at the building he heard gunshots but believed that those gunshots were originating from outside of the buildings.

Israel now investigating reports from nearby Coral Springs police officers who also responded to the school that several others Broward county deputies waited instead of rushing into the school during the shooting, but Israel says the tapes he reviewed don’t back up his claim.

Calls from 74 Florida Republicans for the Sheriff, a Democrat who has spoken out against arming teachers to be suspended for his department’s ignoring repeated warning signs about suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz. Sheriff’s office responded to 18 calls related to Cruz, out of which 2 calls are under review, including one call in November saying Cruz could be a school shooter in the making.