Thousands of excited fans flooded Philly streets overnight. Some of those celebrations getting rowdy. All fans are very excited about their first super bowl win in Philly.

It’s truly just incredible, it was just a hack of a fight and Philly had something that never had before. For the first time ever, the Philadelphia Eagles are super bowl champions. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, a backup just eight weeks ago who considered quitting the game is now super bowl MVP. Nick Foles continues to play like that he’s been doing this his entire life.

Sources information stated that the party just getting started. Thousands of people were out, and some social media pictures show all the chaos. Some cars were set on fire, people were sliding down the poles.

Over at the Ritz Carlton, people climbed on top of the awning and awning actually collapsed. The city is proud, and the victory parade is scheduled for some time.