New trouble on the tracks for Amtrak, the Acela express breaking apart during a trip from D.C. to Boston. Two cars on the train actually separating. Passengers couldn’t believe the incident.

The high-speed Acela express from Washington to Boston broke apart near hardy grace, Maryland. Amtrak calling this a highly unusual mechanical event. All 52 passengers were uninjured and had to be moved to a different train.

One of the passengers from fifty-two stated that felt like all were almost dragging something. People could see a shower of sparks coming out of the side of the train. This has been an unfortunate few weeks for Amtrak.

One passenger said, “Everything is everywhere, almost wrecked on the train”. Further, the person added, “Babies bleeding out their heads and a lot of people hurt”.

Amtrak is investigating the train that broke in two. They say its speed could be as high as 125 miles an hour.