The global leader in proximity-guided genome assembly technology, Phase Genomics launches world’s first commercially available Hi-C kits for plants and animals. The move was taken to meet the rising demand for Hi-C technology ahead of the Plant & Animal Genome Conference.

Chief Executive Officer of Phase Genomics, Dr. Ivan Liachko stated that the Proximo Hi-C service has helped create hundreds of chromosome-scale genome assemblies, this technology is rising and to date, Hi-C method has been too expensive for many labs. Further, he added that new kit made it easier and affordable to generate high-quality genomic data for various applications.

The kit measures the genomic proximity of DNA in vivo to provide structural information on any genome and features a robust version of the popular chromosome conformation capture method. Through this information, the researcher creates 3D models of genomes and separate them within the mixed sample.

A key research scientist with Phase Genomics, Kyle Langford said, “Researchers working with plants or animals are able to dodge many bottlenecks because the kit does not require high-molecular-weight DNA extraction nor any special growing or culturing techniques”. Company’s kit includes all reagents necessary to generate Illumina-compatible Hi-C library.