Hampshire’s flagship public research institution, the University of New Hampshire ensures better SIS data quality through its newly implemented Data Integrity Gateway tool. The university shares commitment that contributes to the greater.

Every year the university receives around $100 million in competitive external funding. Its newly implemented tool enhances the data quality and powers big data analytics. UNH anticipating organizing their Student Information System through accurate course evaluation analytics.

Data integrity becomes a significant responsibility with the increasing student enrolment data and course-related information. When SIS data is improper or inaccurate then the data quality can be costly. So, to address such challenges the university implemented DIG tool as a solution to simplify the data.

Using the tool, it is possible to run several clean-up projects where processes improved with automated workflows and with task management functionality. The tool guarantees that information refreshed by the proper individual and institutions can easily get ready information according to the need.

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of New Hampshire, PT Vasudevan said that the implementation of the DIG was very successful, and the product well received by the departmental evaluation coordinators. When it comes to the evaluation preparation procedure, 60 coordinators representing each department are assigned to review the course data.