South Africa-based company focusing on nutritional combination products and herbal, Private Label Brands unveils series of supportive and health supplements at Washington’s event. Its series consists of six products such as RSQ Five drops, RSQ Five tablets, RSQ Five Junior tablets, Tonsin tablets and the two dietary supplements.

Nutripathic cofounder, Lauren van Zyl stated that through the ECRM event its products will move from SA to the United States stores. The company kept eyes on producing nutritional, herbal as well as homeopathic products to treat several health issues along with the symptoms. The products help to treat health issues of all age group from minor to specific ailments.

van Zyl stated that ECRM is an open door for the products that are compliant with U.S. and FDA regulations.  Some of the products are available in the United States. Tonsin gives relief from scratchy throats as well as sneezing and blocky nose.

Since 2008, the company focusing on quality products and it is founded by Lauren van Zyl and Michele de Beer. Lauren responsible to deliver creative, unique, key accounts and training of the products. Company following its commitment to give the best product across the globe.