An enterprise e-commerce platform, Miva Inc. hosting years live tall hall event which will help to boost the profitability. During this event, participants get a chance to utilize the feature-rich Miva platform. The event will be held on 25th January 2018 and broadcasted live through Miva’s Facebook page.

From 1997 with powerful core philosophy ‘Anything is Possible’, the company offering the most innovative solution to grow businesses. The company support sophisticated back-end e-commerce workflows as well as it delivers superior online shopping experiences to their customers. The company has developed as the pioneer at the head of new e-commerce design.

Chief Executive Officer at Miva, Rick Wilson expressed new year unboxes new open doors to boost income through the online business strategy. The company stepping ahead towards their online success. He continues with the statements that offer the benefits of the event as well as upcoming updates of the industry.

Miva’s Vice President of Developer Relations, Brennan Heyde and CEO Rick will direct participants or users about services and how to improve revenue through new features with its new software release. Soon, the team plans to launch its next version of the e-commerce software, Miva 10.