Hong-Kong based international technology company, Midex IT collaborated with Russian and Estonian developers to reveal blockchain based finance platform. The company invested $ 4.9 million of funds to build the platform.

Prior to this, the company looking to collaborate with the cryptocurrency stock exchange Midex Exchange gives exchanging understanding every relevant run and controls for secure money operations and Midex ATM, cryptomats organize.

Midex Exchange gives benefits with the help of individual trade manages other stage clients, creates and keeps up a scope of productive apparatuses for exchange examination, has exchange robots, and disseminates notices from experienced brokers.

The platform allows the user to make thousands of transactions at a time. And soon, Midex planning to open a payment system. Midex infrastructure is based on the module principle where module relay on the multi-level decentralized storage model.

Midex Secure is a beneficial interaction of OAuth2 and Ethereum blockchain innovation which is used to their data cards in a scrambled frame. The company implements innovations for leading financial institutions.