Leading provider of intelligent information management solutions, M-Files Corporation increases its presence in response to strong demand in Australia. Company’s move will help its partners to grow the network and M-Files increasing its sales marketing investments in Australia.

The business move making data administration a key need, which is driving them to search for other options to content administration and record administration frameworks that have hard to utilize.

M-Files intelligent information management solutions renamed Content Services Platforms with new approach it delivers easy access to the right data as well as content from any device. It also delivers intelligently managing information experience resides within other system and M-Files.

Alliance and partner manager for Australia and New Zealand at M-Files, Nicholas Delavaris stated that the team consistently growing market shares because companies are realizing they need a different approach to managing information. Further, he added that M-Files well-known for its simple approach, advanced security and compliance support capabilities. Its new move accelerates efforts to bring the value of an approach to companies.

M-Files recognized as ‘leader’ as well as ‘visionary’ and it is a global pioneer in the enterprise content management and content services markets. The company improves the performance by helping clients and using the information more effectively.