A sea of liters washed up on Mumbai and the scene was so distressing to one lawyer aftershock and eighty-four-year-old neighbors who have since passed away. one day two years ago the two men went to the beach to clear some of the trash themselves. They’ve gathered momentum to the world’s largest beach clean-up campaign. An army of volunteers from schoolchildren to Bollywood stars have been going to the beach almost every weekend to pick up garbage.

Afroz Shah, lawyer, and activist, expressed that everyone should be part of the campaign, as we are responsible for this and we make some charge and do something about it. The efforts of the volunteers combined with some work by local authorities have helped improve the cleanliness of the beach enormously.

Local resident and volunteer, Nilofar Kazi stated that she has been associated with the team one and half year back and feels great to clean the beach. Afroz Shah has won several awards for his work, even been praised by India’s prime minister. Afroz Shah and his team cleared a total of nine million kilograms of waste from the beach. but it’s never-ending cost given the amount of garbage that washes up every day.

The campaign is facing choppy waters after us recently briefly suspended the campaign because of factors including his volunteers facing but he refused to give up so easily.

Afroz Shah stated that it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic in ocean and fishes by weight which is scary for the planet. Others around the world will gain inspiration to act to help the environment. He explains he made a lifelong commitment that he will keep cleaning the beach as long as he can.