Through the artificial intelligence solutions, ThinkGenetic detects individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed genetic diseases. ThinkGenetic handshakes with FDNA to help undiagnosed patients. Combining artificial intelligence systems conveys industry nearer to empowering exactness medication for decreasing time to determination hereditary conditions in patients.

ThinkGenetic allows using FDNA’s Face2Gene suite of next-generation phenotyping applications. FDNA’s Face2Gene will balance ThinkGenetic SymptomMatcherTM web application, and controls patients by offering a guided self-assessment of symptoms. ThinkGenetic shortening the diagnostic journey with SymptomMatcher which is a source that helps people to find possible explanations for symptoms.

Chief Executive Officer of ThinkGenetic, Dave Jacob said that Face2Gene will allow a team to access much-needed insights through a secure web solution and delighted to welcome FDNA. Further, he said that all are proud to use the new way with advanced technology that helps to capture clinically valuable patient information.

With the help of proprietary analysis engines, SymptomMatcher allows patients to explore possible causes of their undiagnosed symptoms. For the complete evaluation, patients allowed to discuss their queries with respective doctors, even they can directly contact with ThinkGenetic’s counsellor’s team from the applications. Face2Gene is an advanced application that uses artificial intelligence, facial analysis to help clinicians discover possible syndromes. This move will help shorten the diagnostic journey patients face.

FDNA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dekel Gelbman said all are excited to welcome ThinkGenetic the integration brings close to a goal of enabling precision medicine with artificial intelligence to help undiagnosed patients.