A future leader in the real-time location systems, Redpoint Positioning Corporation declared the launch of new branch in Beijing. Company’s Chief Technological Officer, Chunjie Duan wants to make stand in China region and the Asia-Pacific market. The company associated with Chinese businesses to combine indoor RTLS solution with other products.

In 2010, the company’s founder saw the capability of the RTLS together with sensor networking and how it represents digital future across different industries.

General Manager of Redpoint China, Eric Peng said that Beijing’s crew delighted to become members of the Redpoint Positioning family. In the United States, the company reached good achievements in products and market. Furthermore, Eric Peng added Beijing team expecting to perform the same as in the United States with a good and quality services.

CTO of Redpoint, Chunjie Duan said that the company has strong bonds with China region but the team eager to operate China officially. Further, Chunjie said that there are many opportunities basis on which the company will make stand in China and Asia-Pacific region, also indoor RTLS solutions have tremendous demands.

Redpoint started in 2010 by Duan and eyes on developing their high-precision, ultra-wideband indoor RTLS solution. The company situated in Kharkiv, Ukraine and headquartered in Boston. Company’s RTLS platform is user-friendly that allows users to combine capabilities of RTLS into their applications to immediately add real-time tracking.