New way unveiled to drive HDR footage that can add intense color grades as well as dynamic gradient overlays to any media. FCPX LUT HDR allows users to create HDR footage with the unique method. 60 CUBE LUT files involve in FCPX LUT HDR that can combine other effects.

A LUT recognized as Lookup Table consists of scientific formula for image modification, changes each pixel’s shading to the relating shading demonstrated by the table. LUT enhances the style of shot and giving the user more control over their look.

FCPX LUT HDR especially built for any user comprises of one single impact with all LUT shading grades. The user can just start with choosing a shading evaluation and portraying as per the requirement. The stylish picture is just one click away.

Final Cut Pro X user can add beyond the dynamic shading evaluations whereas FCPX clients have full control over all modes and shades and there is no limitation. The user can change the look of the clip by adding intense shading, furthermore, changes can be made to the shadows, mid-tones and more. FCPX LUT HDR empowers fast shading changes to be made on the fly.

California-based Pixel Film Studios started in 2006, which is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the broadcast community. Their products joined with non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple FCPX.