The cyber security distribution division of Temprano Techvestors, Network Security Group stated that it has completely acquired New Jersey-based technology company Waytek Software. The Network Security Group planning to add endpoint security solutions and Avast Business cloud to its partner offerings.

President of Waytek, Brian McDonnell stated that the team is excited about the NSG’s approach as this is a good opportunity for them. Further, he said that the company eyes on the managed services side of the business. Brian McDonnell expressed NSG will provide the outstanding service to the clients.

The Software company continues remains to distribute the same brands from before, client’s expectation level lifted in term of administrations led by a few industry veterans such as Luke Walling.

General Manager of NSG, Luke Walling said, “Customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do and passion for security software runs deep”. Further, he stated that the acquisition adds Waytek Software portfolio of product to growing business.

Avast Business bringing affordable as well as reliable security solutions to small-to-midsized companies. NSG will add selected to become truly wide-ranging, the trusted source for channel partners in upcoming 2018. One more thing will be added to NSG’s future plan, it will start aggressive partner recruitment program for resellers and managed service providers in the business market.

NSG is unique as compared to other distributors as it has worked for both vendors as well as client side which makes NSG big-box distributors. NSG with more focus on building strong relationships and line-up more products.