A global leader in email address compilation, Every Market Media declared the launch of its B2B data tool called LeadPorte for marketing and sales professionals. Every Market Media is data service consultant and its service includes direct list licensing, complete file install licensing, data analysis and email management. Most of the lead generation companies using the LeadPorte tool.

Chief Executive Officer of Every Market Media, Rick Holmes said that the team did not get feedback on data outside its OEM channel partners. The new tool able to deliver feedback from the end user of the product. With the help of feedback getting from the new tool, the firm improving as well as adding data in a great way.

The firm including an ever-increasing number of information records and highlights to the agreement with the goal that the device fuel throughout the following territory. Its property list comprises of intent and website keyword searchability.

Chicago-based Every Market Media established in 2013. The team of brokers curated records from hundreds of sources, using client feedback to tune the files performance in sales and marketing applications. The company delivers reliable and incrementally improved updates for years.