Cosaten’s pop-up store coming in this December. The store shows Japanese brands that are carefully selected and hidden in the United States. The ARCADE JAPAN, pop-up store, will launch on December 13th, remains open through Sunday, December 24th with 20 brands.

ARCADE JAPAN express ‘Unrevealed is revealed’ and demonstrates its unknown potential. The Japanese brands will be shown for the first time here in the United States. ARCADE JAPAN concept founded by the co-founder of COSATEN LLC, Minato Fukuoka. Minato wants to spread more brands of Japan across the world and the ARCADE JAPAN is launched. The store brands concentrating on creativity, functionality and so many things. The stores aim to create an environment for brands to sell the product to a highly targeted consumer considering trend- driven audience and industry insiders.

An “arcade” is a commercial center of artisans offering their products and an open door for purchasers to meet the planners face to face. Japanese arcades are generally developed like a circular segment, so our popup will imitate this tasteful and outline. the ARCADE JAPAN will have ready-to-wear, accessories, jewelery. The Space itself will give an air where the clients can feel the miracles. The pop-up store area will be set at 251 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, New York.