The Cranfield University and Saab Automobile introduced an outstanding idea which allows air traffic controllers to address on an airplane as they land and take off. This new technological change hides the traditional control tower. The implemented technology uses the high-definition cameras with a live panoramic feed and sensors across the airfield to address aircraft. The technology improving visibility across a 360o view of the airfield.

Saab Automobile and Cranfield University hope that the digital control tower will give more brilliant ways to deal with aviation authority by digitizing and incorporating airplane terminal capacities.

Deputy editor of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerospace magazine, Bill Read said that digital towers can protect aircraft from genuine dangers via naturally featuring movement from hazards.

Sweden’s Sundsvall airports turned into the first to be controlled by computerized towers in 2015. By 2019, Saab Automobile is hoping to apply a similar procedure at London City Airport. The digital towers convey overlaying flying machine data, increased reality on the screens.

The approval of the outstanding facility indicates the official opening of the Aerospace Integration Research Center at the university. The declaration of Digital Aviation Research and Technology Center is being made at Cranfield.