In an incredible finding, the scientist has caught the rare field shark which dates back eighty million years to the age of the dinosaurs and is one of the oldest living species today. Scientists from the Institute for the C.N.N. atmosphere captured the male fish while working on a project to minimize on wanted catches in commercial fishing.

According to the researchers, the frilled shark measured one point five meters long and was caught at a depth of seven hundred meters. It was captured at a depth of two thousand three hundred feet off the resort of the Mayan Portugal. The prehistoric predator has a long snake-like body and around three hundred teeth.

According to the scientists, the species has little known in terms of its biology or environment because it lives at depths that are rarely ventured to by humans. Speaking to Sigma Tish’s Professor Margarita Castro, a researcher form the University of the Algarve explained that the shark gets its name from the field arrangement of its three hundred teeth which allows it to trap squid, fish and other sharks and sudden lunges.

Lease sharks are members of the some of the most ancient groups of sharks that are known for having extra grills eyes on the side of their heads and spineless back fins. This isn’t the first time that a frilled shark has been caught. last December a fisherman called Roman fed uploaded a picture to Twitter of a frilled shark he caught in Russia.