To accomplish military situational awareness and in addition execute operations in space, the US on track of research in space command and control technologies. The new virtual lab added to accomplish the objective. BAE Systems got an agreement of $12.8 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for creative space development and examination to help dynamic space venture summon and control tool.

BAE system expressed that it is possible to track the various space objects, that are moving at extraordinary speeds. This information must be converged with ocean, air, and land to settle on basic choices to ensure space resources while supporting earthbound missions.

Director of Ground Resiliency and Analytics at BAE Systems, Mike Penzo said that Military authorities must have better space area mindfulness than rapidly evaluate, design in this undeniably complex condition. Further, he included that the Hallmark testbed is intended to help the military rapidly assess and incorporate advancements for space C2. The organization expressed that it works in space area mindfulness as it attempts to plan adaptable and secure endeavor programming design that would turn into the foundation of innovation.

The architecture would help the Space Enterprise Analysis Capability that backings present and future space situational mindfulness and C2 innovations. The Space Enterprise Analysis Capability would permit situation-based activities for testing space C2 innovations against modern rising dangers. The SEAC would bolster live information provender from different sources and conveys solid information assurance. The organization searching for practices at the SEAC to gather measurements for Hallmark’s team.